Gula Melaka Cendol Agar Agar by Joey Foo

Cendol Layer
500ml water
170gm sugar
250ml water
12g agar agar powder
250ml fresh coconut milk(from NTUC/supermarket)
Pinch of salt
30g corn flour
300g cendol (drained)

1. Mix agar agar powder with 250ml water and set aside.

2. Mix corn flour, salt and coconut milk together and set aside.

3. Pour 500ml water and sugar in a pot and boil. When solution has come to a boil, pour in agar mixture.

4. Bring to a boil again, lower heat and pour in corn flour mixture slowly and keep stirring.

5. Increase heat to bring back to a boil. Remove from heat and put in drained cendol. Mix well.

6. Pour into molds or cake pan.
While the cendol layer is cooling down, do the brown layer.

Brown Layer
200gm Gula Melaka
500ml water
250ml water
12g agar agar powder
250ml coconut milk
Small pinch of salt

1. Bring 500ml water and palm sugar to a boil and simmer until palm sugar has totally dissolved.

2. Mix agar agar powder with 250ml water and pour into the pot. Bring to a boil again.

3. Lower heat and pour in coconut milk(with salt mix in) stirring all the while.

4. Test cendol layer by touching surface. It should have slightly cooled and developed a film on top that does not stick to ur fingers, but should be wobbly. Pour in brown layer slowly and let it set and cool down before storing in refrigerator.