Stuffed Fish Maw Soup by Michelle Heng

130g fish maw (blanched)
80g minced pork
2 pcs mushrooms (soaked & diced)
1/2 small carrot (diced)
3 pcs water chestnut (diced)
1.5 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp shaoxing wine
Salt & pepper (to taste)
1/3 head cabbage (roughly chopped)
2ltr chicken stock

1. Cut fish maw into about 2cm rings, set aside.
2. Mix minced pork, mushrooms, carrots, water chestnuts, soy sauce, shaoxing wine, salt and pepper thoroughly.
3. Stuff the mixture into the fish maw cavity fully and set them on a dish.
4. Steam the stuffed fish maw for 10mins on high heat.
5. Meanwhile boil cabbage leaves in the chicken stock, once the fish maw are steamed, transfer them to the pot of soup and boil a further 10-15mins.
6. Bon appetit!

1. Can just eat this dish after steaming without adding into the soup too. Just have to do a thickened gravy to pour on it to make it look more appetising.