Chap Cai with Roasted Pork Belly & Fish Maw by Cassandra Chee

One beijing cabbage, chunks
A handful of dried shrimps, rinsed & drained
A handful of dried mushrooms, soaked & keep its water.
Bean sticks, break into smaller pieces & soaked until softened
1-2 pieces of fish maw, soaked with hot water until softened & sliced.
Homemade roasted pork belly, chunks
4 cloves of garlic, minced

Oyster sauce
Soya sauce
White pepper
Salt to taste

1. Fry dried shrimps & dried mushrooms until fragrant.
2. Add garlic & fry until garlic is fragrant.
3. Laid roasted pork belly at the bottom of pot, then add cabbage, seasoning and a cup of water. Cover & simmer until cabbage is softened (about 10 mins).
4. Push cabbage aside & add fish maw, bean sticks & black fungus into the broth.
5. Add more water & seasoning to taste.
6. Simmer until desired softness.

• 2.9 litres Tanyu claypot was used.
• If you are using a wok to cook this dish, skip step 3 and fry everything together with seasoning before stewing with the roasted pork.