Hei Bee Hiam by Steven Kuan

1) Oil - 0.5L
2) Candlenut - 0.05Kg
3a) Small Onion - 0.4Kg
3b) Garlic - 0.1Kg
4) Chilli Paste - 0.3kg [Spicy level depends on chilli patse used]
5) Shrimp Prawn - 0.3Kg
6) Sugar - 0.04Kg

S1 Heat Oil
Low - Medium Flame
S2 Fried Minced (2)
S3 Fried Add Minced (3) till golden brown[Do not get burned]
S4 Fried Add Minced (4) till Chilli Oil release
S5 Fried Add Pound [Red Bean Size] (5) with small flame till hot
S6 switch off Flame and Add & Stir (6).
Ready to serve.Enjoy.
Non-Halal [Add 50-100g Minced Crispy Pork Lard] after S4