Chendol & Gula Melaka Layer Pudding Cake by May Chong

Material: (a) Green-Pandan layer
Coconut milk 400ml
Pandan leaves 10pcs 800ml + water = blended and then filter
Sugar 150g
Agar agar powder 15G
Salt 1/4 TSP
Green colour (not necessary)

Material: (b) Brown-coconut sugar
Agar Agar powder 10G
Coconut sugar 140g, cut into small pieces
Water 800ml
Salt a little

Materials: (c) chendol layer
Coconut milk 150ml
Water 450ml
Agar-agar powder 10G, sugar 80g
Salt a little
Chendol 100g

1) Material (a) put into the pot to boil, filters, divided into two parts. Pour into 8 inch square until half frozen.
2) Cook materials (b) to boil, filters, divided into two parts, pour into (1) until half frozen.
3) Except chendol, cook all the materials (c) to boil, pour into (2), then chendol properly lay down on top of it until half frozen.
4) Make (b) slightly hot and pour into (3).
5) Left (a)pour it on top and refrigerate.