Mushroom and Spinach Quiche by Zonna Ong

Grease pan and gently place defrosted short crust pastry in. Poke holes with a fork.

Bake 180 for about 8-10 mins. Check the colour of the pastry.

 Cook bacon bits without oil for about 10-15 mins until brown but not too brown. Put chopped onion and stir until translucent in colour. Season with salt and pepper. Next add mushroom and cook till it starts to soften. Add in spinach leaves. Season with salt and pepper again. Stir everything till it looks like this.

Put everything into the baked crust.

Beat 2 eggs and about 2 tbsp of milk, a few dashes of Italian herbs together with some salt and pepper. Pour onto filling. Top generously with cheese. And bake for about 15 mins at 180. If it gets too brown, cover with foil.

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