Black Pepper Seafood in Pack by Vernice Kirios

1 whole fish
4 scallops
6 prawns
Yellow pepper
Spring onion
2 rock sugar
6-7 tbsp of Woh hup black pepper sauce


1) Marinate the seafood with 2-3 tbsp of Woh hup black pepper sauce (depends on the amount of your seafood and size).

2) Place all the seafood into a foil. Top up with ginger slices on the fish.

3) Add broccoli,onion slices,yellow pepper and 2 rock sugar into the foil.

4) Pour 3-4 tbsp of woh hup black pepper sauce on top of all ingredients and wrap it up. Put into the fridge (mininium 30 min).

5) Heat the oven 5 min inadvance at 180 degree. Put the foil pack into the oven and set to 50min/180deg (adjust accordingly to individual oven)

6) Open the foil pack and garnish with some spring onion. Ready to serve.