Prosperous Gold Fish (金鱼满堂 年年有余) by Rontree Chan

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(Make round 8 gold fishes)

~ 12 big tiger prawns (peeled and de-vein leave only 8 with the tail on)
~ ½ bowl of bamboo shoot (diced)
~ 1 tsp of salt
~ 1 tsp of sugar
~ ½ tsp of chicken powder
~ ½ tsp of white pepper powder
~ ½ Tbsp Hua Diao Wine
~ 1 Tbsp Sesame oil
~ 1 tsp corn flour
~ 2 Chinese mushrooms (soaked till semi soft in hot water)
~ some black fermented beans ( washed)
~ 8 Chinese spoons (Metal or Porcelain type)
~ some oil
~ extra corn flour

~ some wolfberry or Goji
~ ½ bowl water
~ ½ tbsp oyster sauce
~ ½ tsp sugar
~ some thickening corn flour water
~ some Bak Choy stems for garnishing (blanched)


  1. Oil the Chinese spoons and set aside.
  2. Peel and de-vein the prawn with 8 prawns leave the tail intact.
  3. Butterfly the prawn and cut 1/3 away (head portion)
  4. Use a knife to flatten the prawn
  5. Do the same for the 8 of it. For the rest of the remaining prawn, take 1/3 of it and dice into small bits and 2/3 of it chop into paste.
  6. Mix all in a mixing bowl. Add in bamboo shoot, salt, sugar, chicken powder, pepper, sesame oil, hua diao wine and corn flour. Mix in a circular motion to form a gluey paste. 
  7. Cut the mushroom into thin slices.
  8. Place prawn on the oiled spoon and dab on with little corn flour.
  9. Use a spoon to scoop a portion of prawn paste and put on it to form the body of gold fish. Wet the back of a spoon with water to shape and smooth its surface.
  10. Use a toothpick slowly insert in the mushroom at the top. And gently push in fermented black bean for the eye.
  11. Spread the prawn tail and steam in boiling water for around 8 minutes.
  12. Cooked the gravy with wolfberry and thicken it slightly for corn starch.
  13. Plate up the (prawn) gold fishes with Bak choy stem and slowly pour in the gravy to serve.