Ochazuke (Japanese Green Tea Rice) by Veronica Chia

Ingredient (1 serving)
* 1 Green Tea bag, steep in 250ml hot water for 10mins
* 1/2 tbsp shoyu
* 1/4 tsp sesame oil
* 1 cup cooked short grain rice
* 2 tbsp shredded seaweed
* pan-fried salmon, shredded
* cooked omelette, shredded
* Green Caviar

1. Remove tea bag and stir in shoyu and sesame oil.
2. Mix cooked rice with shredded seaweed and shaped into triangle. Place the rice ball into a serving bowl.
3. Garnish with omelette, salmon and Green Caviar.
4. Pour the green tea mixture into the serving bowl. Serve immediately.