Hokkien Ngoh Hiang by Connie Tan

$5 of minced pork (minced once only)
Some prawns deshelled, deveined n chopped roughly
7-8pcs water chestnuts (chop finely)
5-6pcs chinese mushrooms (soaked n chopped finely)
One packet Beancurd skin
A handful of shallots

Sesame oil, white pepper, 2-3tspn of fish sauce
1 tbspn self-raising flour
A pinch of sugar
1 egg
1 tspn or approx of 5-spice powder to taste
1 tspn huatiowjiu(optional)

1. In a big bowl, mix the minced pork and all ingredients with seasonings well combined.
2. Do estimate the seasoning quantity accordingly.
3. Keep it marinated for a few hours or overnite, clingwrapped.
4. When start to roll, use a clean wet towel n gently wipe the beancurd skin. Cut the skin to the estimated size preferred for rolling.
5. Scoop the meat into a long line n roll firmly n gently without tearing the skin.
6. Layer with a plastic sheet at each row in the container box. Then freeze it till u need it for frying.
7. I usually roll mine in smaller rolls. I do not practise the extra step of steaming bef storing it.
8. When need to pan or deep fry, just bring out frm freezer to thaw for a while.
9. Heat up the oil and fry ill cooked or brown.


My recipe uses one standard packet of bean curd skin n can serve abt 20-22pcs (size as pictured)