Spicy Garlicky Clams by ‎Christine Tan

● 400gms of clams (rinsed and washed till water turned clear)
● 1 whole garlic (peeled & minced)

▪ Heat wok and add 4 tbspn of cooking oil
▪ add in minced garlic and panfry to fragrance
▪ add in the clams and stir fry from about 10mins
▪ add in 6 to 8 tbspn of Thai chilli sauce and also 4 tbsp of of Sambal chilli paste (Singlong brand)
▪ Add in 200ml of water...mix well with the added condiments and add 2 tbspn of brown sugar
▪ continue to stir and mix well till clams are cooked (as in shells open up)
▪ add in some white wine (I used English white wine from my fridge..u may omit if you dun want to add)
▪ off the stove and then....throw in some fresh spring onions and give it a quick stir (so that the greens will contain it's crunchy fresh texture)