Maple Syrup Cornflakes by Wendy Kuah

150g Cornflakes (Whole Family Big Box)
50g butter
2 tbsp honey (But I used maple syrup)
Colorful Sprinkle

Melt the butter & honey over low fire until it turns into a frothy mixture.
Add in your crushed cornflakes(small pieces) and coat them well with the mixture
Spoon the mixture into small casing and sprinkle with the colorful sprinkle
Then send into the oven to bake at 150deg for 10-12mins.

Note: A whole box of 250g cornflakes yields about 69 pieces.
Again this will depend on how small you crush your cornflakes as well as the amount spooned into each casing. A good guide for those who has a certain quota to make this CNY!