Sweet and Sour Prawns by Nora Leong

prawns deshell and devein
Minced garlic
Canned lychee
Canned pineapple

1 pkt Lee Kum Kee Tomato Garlic Prawns Sauce
2 tbsp ketchup/tomato sauce
2 tbsp pineapple syrup
3 tbsp lychee syrup
2 tsp sugar

Heat up abt 2 tbsp oil with med heat
Sautee mince garlic
Just b4 turn brown, add in prawns
Stir fry till just done
Add in the mixture of sauce
Give a few stirs and let simmer about 1 min
Add in the lychee and pineapples and mix well
Simmer another min
And its done

**adj the amt of syrup and taste according to your likes**