Kimchi by Jumi Tan

Ingredients: (no measurement will be given as I do this in agaration all the time)
• Napa cabbage (if U google it, its the cabbage with jade green leaf not the yellow kind). Making kimchi is hard work. So usually I do more, 8 to 12 at one go.
• Garlic (peel them) >>> Is a must >>> go into blender
• Ginger (Peel and slice) >>> Is a must >>> go into blender
• Spring onion (wash and cut into 1 to 1.5 inches) >>> Is a must
• Onion (Peel and cut into bite size piece >>> Is optional >>> go into blender
• Pear or Apple (Cut into bite size piece, they add sweetness to your kimchi) >>> Is optional >>> go into blender
• Chili (Take out seed and cut into bite size) >>> Is optional >>> go into blender
• Chili powder >>> Is a must
• Fish sauce >>> Is a must

Step 1: Cut napa cabbage into half. Make a V-cut near the stem, we dont need that. Then cut the kimchi into bite size 1-1.5inches.
Step 2: Place all cut cabbage into a big bowl and add salt to them. Do not apply water. Give cabbage a good mix. Let it sit for 4-6 hours.
Step 3: After 4-6 hours, wash away the salt in the cabbage. U need to rinse it abt 3-4 times. Squeeze out water from cabbage. Set aside.
Step 4: Blend garlic, ginger, onion, pear with a blended, do not need water when blending.
Step 5: Once all ingredient are blended, add chili powder. U need to achieve a good strong red colour. Mix well to form a paste.
Step 6: Do not add any salt to mixture cos now U need to add in a good amount of fish sauce. Adjust according to your own taste.
Step 7: Now add in the spring onion.
Step 8: Wear a plastic glove. Mix your cabbage with chili paste in small batches. Once the mixing is done, check for colour again, if more chili powder is needed, add in.
Step 9: When U are happy with the colour and taste of your cabbage mixture, put them into container.
Step 10: Some books say leave the container outside at a cooling place for 1 day B4 U put into the fridge. I dont. Once I am done with packing, it goes directly into the fridge.

Acc to experience, kimchi taste best after abt 5 days. Its where all the flavours are settled and soaked in. Kimchi can be kept for abt 2months. Becos we do not do it the commercial way and did not add additional preservative so finish your kimchi within 2 months pls. But usually mine will be gone within 2 weeks cos mom and I can eat quite a fair bit. We add kimchi into instant noodle, make kimchi fried rice, kimchi pancake, kimchi pizza….