Prawns Eggs Roll by Jessie Koey


6 big prawns
3 salted egg yolk
3 quail eggs (boiled and shelled)
6 pcs nori 31/2 in x 11/2 in)
oil for deep frying
bread crumbs
1 egg - lightly beaten
250 g rice flour

A) Cornstarch mixture (combined)
1 egg - lightly beaten
4 tbsp corn starch
a dash of salt and pepper

Marinate ingredients
1/2 tsp each - salt, sugar, pepper
1 tsp hua tio chew
1 tsp cornflour


1) Shell the prawns and leave the tails intact. Devein the prawns, wash and drain them. Cut lengthwise at the back of the prawn to butterfly it. Marinate the prawns with marinate ingredients for 15 mins. Sprinkle with cornflour and flatten them with a meat mallet.
2) Mix (A) well. Put a salty egg yolk on a nori then roll it up (jelly-roll style). Use the same method on the quail egg. (You should have 6 rolls)
3) Pour some rice flour on a plate . Dip a prawn in mixture (A), then put it, cut side up, on the rice flour. Put a roll on the prawn, roll up the prawn (jelly-roll style). Coat the prawns with conflour and egg wash, coat with bread crumbs. Do the same procedures for the rest of the 5 prawns.
4) Heat the wok with oil and deep-fry the prawns for 5-8 on medium heat until golden brown and crispy. Drain and cut the prawns inn half and serve.