Green Papaya Salad ( Som Tum) by Rontree Chan

Handful of Shredded green papaya and carrots ( portion 2:1) keep in fridge.
4 gloves of Thai mini garlic or 2 garlic
1-2 chilli padi
1 kaffir lime juice and it's zest ( can use normal lime.
1-2 raw long bean cut to 2-3 inches length.
1 1/2 Tbsp of Palm sugar
1 Tbsp fish sauce.
4 cherry tomatoes cut half
2 Tbsp of fried dried shrimp
2 Tbsp of pan fried mini nuts ( pan fried with skin on for ard 10-15mins, keep moving the pan to prevent burn.) remove skin.

~In a Ziplock bag, put in garlic and Chilli. Use a rolling pin or bottom of bottle to crush and bruise it.
~ put in long beans, palm sugar, lime juice and fish sauce. Lightly smash on the long bean and mix till Palm sugar dissolve.
~ put in tomatoes, light crush it.
~ put in green papaya and carrot. Lightly smash on the papaya to let out juice. And shake the bag to mix well.
~ lastly add in the nuts and dried shrimp, shake and combine well to serve.