Curry Vegetables by Jumi Tan

Quarter of a big chinese cabbage, 10 strand of long beans, 1 carrot, 7 pieces of tao pok, 1 handful of dried shrimps >>> Make a pot of curry to serve 4-5 person.

Step 1: Cut chinese cabbage into one inch size, cut carrot into thick match stick size, boil in water, to speed up the cooking process as these vegetables are hard to soften.
Step 2: Heat up wok with oil, brown minced garlic, caramelized red onion, sliced ginger, add finely chopped dried shrimps. Stir-fried.
Step 3: Add in long bean continue to stir fried and add chinese wine, salt, pepper, chilli padi paste (mine is home made and super spicy), turmeric powder, and curry powder. Transfer some water from the cabbage soup to this wok. Simmer away.
Step 4: Add in tau pok (cut into half triangle) into the wok.
Step 5: Add in cabbage & carrot together with the water from the pot. U determine how thick U want the consistency of your curry. Continue to simmer in low-mid heat
Step 6: Finally add in a small pack of coconut milk. Bring it to a boil and off the heat when done.

Small tip 1: (learn from mom): Soak your tau pok in hot boiling water to get rid of the oily smell and also make your tau pok soft and fluffy.
Small tip 2: I have try using soy bean milk B4...豆奶 instead of coconut milk. Still taste so good