Cajun seafood in a bag by Trace Lim


2 mud crabs
Lala (clams)
Dried Oregano
Cajun powder
1 block of unsalted butter


Chop 10 cloves of garlic till rice grains size
Melt the block of butter and add the chopped garlic n keep stiring it to prevent the garlic from burning. Add cajun about 2tbsp and 2 tbsp of oregano. U can add more if u prevent more savoury taste. Up to yr preference. Stir the micture for about 10 mins or so
Set that aside
In another pot, boil a pot of water. Add the corns, carrots, onions and put another 10 cloves of crushed onions. Add 1 tbsp or 2 cajun powder. Aft the veg get soften, add crabs, clams n prawns. Boil till everything are cooked. Drain out the water and mix the seafood into the butter garlic mixture. Add some salt and voila!