Sweet Corn Custard Pudding by May Chong

1 jar of canned sweet corn 430g
Custard powder 110g
Corn starch 25G
Coconut Milk 200g
Water 750g
Sugar 125g
Pandan leaves 5pcs

Cooking Method
1) Mixed well Corn flour, custard powder,sugar and coconut milk.
2) Add in water, mix canned corn kernels and pandan leaves.
3) Use medium heat and cook while stirring to avoid burnt off at the bottom.
4} Reduce to lower heat continued for about 10 minutes, or until creamy.
5) Remove from heat immediately and poured into the mould, let it cool to freezing, put into fridge before served.

Breadmaker Method
1) Combine all the ingredients and put into breadmaker, press No 9(Jam) and let it cooked until left 30 mins, then switch off. Pls do not let it keep running till finish as it may cause too thick.