Ngor Hiang by Jeannie Lee

Half kg Pork collar/Pork shoulder - chop manually
Half kg prawns - remove shell
2 big carrots - chopped
20pcs water chestnuts - peel and chopped
1 stalk spring onion - chopped

1 Egg
1 spoon of plain flour (chinese soup spoon)
1 tsp salt
I piece of bean curd sheet

Chopped all ingredients separately.
To achieve good texture, all ingredients must manually chopped. No electric chopper.
Mixed all chopped ingredients with seasoning. (Mixed well)
Cut the beancurd sheet according to your preference. Spread the meat mixture on the beancurd sheet and roll.
In a wok, boil some water and steam the ngor hiang about 5mins on med fire. Leave it to cool.
Once cool, pan fry ngor hiang till golden brown.
Cut and serve hot.