Hakka dish Yam Abacus Seed 客家算盘子 by Giauw Molly


Yam 1kg
Tapioca flour 250g
Minced pork 400g
Mushroom 10pcs
Dried prawns 100g
Black fungus 50g
BBQ pork/Sausage
Flat fish 1pc
Dried cuttle fish 2pcs
Swanson stock

To make Yam abacus

Peel & cut yam to steam
Add a pinch of salt
Can use pressure cooker (but I don't have)
Mashed it whilst hot & add Tapioca flour (sieved)
Mix & knead it evenly, cut & hand made into round cubes & indent it in the middle of the yam abacus seed
At boiling point water, add in all the abacus seed with a little oil to prevent they stick with each other
When it floats, scoop it to another pot with water (tap)
Scoop it out ready for cooking...

To stir fry ingredients

Add oil to wok with minced garlic & shallops
Add ⬇
Sliced strips mushroom
Sliced strips black fungus
Sliced dried cuttle fish (deep fry earlier)
Minced pork seasoned with little sesame oil,
pepper, fish sauce & hua teow wine
Dried prawns
When it is almost cooked, add in the abacus seed, BBQ pork diced & Swanson chicken broth.
Add a little water & taste.

Garnish with flat fish (grilled & pound), chilli and spring onion.