Cheng Teng 八宝清汤 by Anna Tan

Serve 4 to 5


20 dried Longan
12 dried dates
12 lotus seeds (1 pkt ready to cook)
16 gingko nuts (1pkt ready to cook)
1 handful Barely
15 -20 grams white fungus (soaked and trimmed into smaller pieces)
Pang da Hai- 胖大海
2 pieces (optional) ( soaked, removed skin and seed)
1 Dried persimmons, sliced
5 pandan leaves

1.2 litre water
Adequate rock sugar to taste


1) Rinse all ingredients above.
2) Boil the water in a pot with pandan leaves, dried longan, dates and barley for 30 mins.
Add in white fungus half way of 30 mins( know you white fungus texture, some cook easily and some take longer time to turn soft)
3) Add ready packed gingko and lotus seeds ( remove the core).
4) boil for 10 -15 mins, add rock sugar.
5) Add in the pang da hai 胖大海 and the sliced persimmon. Boil for 2 mins. Stir well and ready to serve.

Serve it hot or cold.
My family likes it cold so prepare early, cool it down and send into the fridge.

Above recipe is cooking with ready packed lotus seeds and gingko nuts. If you are cooking dried lotus seeds and gingko they need longer time to boil.