Yam Ring by Jeannie Lee

Ingredients for fillings
200gm chicken breast - diced cute
10 fresh prawns - shelled
1/2 carrots - dice cube
1 yellow capsicum - dice cube
few stalks of broccoli
Cashew nuts for toppings
One handful bee hoon


1/4 tsp sugar
1tbsp light sauce
1/4 tsp sesame oil
1tsp chinese wine
1tsp corn flour

In a pan, add some oil. Once oil is very hot, throw in the bee hoon, quickly dish out once bee hoon turned crispy.
Marinate chicken n prawns with the above seasoning.
Blanch broccoli with boiling water till cook n set aside.
With 1tbsp oil in a pan, fry prawns till cook and set aside.
Add chicken cubes and fry till cook and set aside.
With the left over gravy, bring to boil, add in the chicken, prawns, veg & cashew, stir till well combine. Dish out once gravy starts to thicken.

To assembleSpread the crispy bee hoon on a plate. Place the crispy yam ring on top in the centre.
Scoop the above ingredients into the centre of the cooked yam ring
Serve hot.