Sweet potatoes Sesame seeds balls by Jeannie Lee

300gm Japanese sweet potatoes (I choose jap sweet potatoes because they are sweeter)
140gm Japanese glutinous flour (you can use any glutinous flour)
3 tbsp sugar
200gm red bean paste
Raw white sesame seeds

Peel and wash sweet potatoes.
Cut into thick slices and put to steam for 20 to 25mins till cooked.
Mash sweet potatoes immediately with a fork when is cooked.
Add in glutinous flour and sugar to form a dough.
Divide dough into equal portion of your preferred size.
Flattened dough on your palm, fill with half tbsp of red bean paste and wrap into a ball.
Sprinkle each ball with some water and coat with raw sesame seeds evenly.
Heat up some oil in a pan, deep fry the balls until golden brown.
Dish out and put on paper towel to drain the excess oil.
Serve warm and enjoy

Oil must not be too hot and stir the balls constantly to achieve an even colour.