Salted Egg Yolk Prawns by Allison Teo‎

380g prawns
2 salted egg yolks, cooked n chopped
Abt 20 curry leaves
4 chilli padi, chopped
50g butter
Half bowl of chicken granule
1tbsp of sugar

2 egg white
Tapioca flour
Oil, enough to submerge the prawns for frying

1. Dip prawns in egg white n dust with tapioca flour. Repeat until all prawns are done.
2. Heat wok over medium high fire and deep fry prawns for abt 30 seconds and remove from wok immediately. Set aside on strainer.
3. Remove excessive oil and leave only 1-2 tbsp over low fire.
4. Melt butter in wok and add in salted egg yolk. Mash yolk with the spatula in a quick circular motion.
5. Add in curry leaves, chilli padi and sugar, stir fry till aroma releases.
6. Once ingredients turn foamy, return prawns to wok and add in chicken granule.
7. Mix ingredients till well blended. Dish up and serve.