Mango Konnyaku Jelly by Wan Jing

- 1 pack Jim Willie Konnyaku jelly powder (10g)
- 2 ripe mangoes (1/3 - diced and balance purée, adjust according to your preference)
- 600ml Orange juice
- 350ml water
- 4 tbsp fine sugar
- 1 tsp mango essence (for the aroma)

- Mix jelly powder and sugar in a bowl
- Boil water, orange juice, mango puree and essence. (You may use mango juice)
- Add the jelly mixture into the boiling liquid and mix till dissolved.
- Pour jelly liquid into jelly mould (half the mould), put in the diced mango then pour remaining liquid over.
- leave it to cool before popping into the refrigerator.

~ First attempt so please pardon me for any imperfections.