Macarons by Joey Foo

70g Ground Almonds(if u don't have superfine from phoon huat need to blend till fine)
80g Icing sugar(sunflower brand no corn starch from Sheng Siong))

60g Egg white(room temp)
80g Icing sugar(sunflower brand)

1.Sieve (A) ground almond and icing sugar together and set aside.

2. In another bowl, beat (B) egg whites until foamy and sieve icing sugar in 3 batches with mixer on medium speed. Turn mixer to high speed and beat till stiff peaks. (Will be glossy and peaks will stay straight not droopy)

3. Then sieve again Mixture A(to ensure no lumps) into egg white mixture in two batches and fold mixture well with a rubber spatula. Add color desired. Batter is ready when it falls back ard 20 secs.

4. Add batter into piping bag with tip(0.5-1cm). Then pipe small circles on Glad Bake paper(NTUC). Even if your piping skill is not good, just bang the baking pan onto counter top u will get smooth surface and round circles. Dry macarons under a fan for 30mins. U can see the shells are matte and when u touch is not sticky.

5. Bake in preheated oven at 140 degrees for 16-18 mins(diff oven diff timing) To prevent browning, place an empty baking pan at top rack. You can see feet ard 3-4 mins. I am using Rowenta oven traditional top and bottom heat mode at BOTTOM RACK. You can take out one macaron to see if its done, if still sticks on the paper, leave in oven for another few mins. Leave to cool den peel off from baking paper. Store in airtight container den put in fridge if u r not intending to fill them with frosting first.