Hashima dessert by Tan Connie

15g hashima (to soak n clean)
Red dates (abt 25g)
Dry longans (abt 80g)
2 knotted pandan leaves
Some rock sugar
Gingko nuts (optional)
A pot of water

1. Soak the hashima for a few hrs or overnite. After it bloated next day, clean n pick the dirt with a tweezer (see pic)
2. Rinse with a clean layer of water after picking.
3. Heat up the double boiler with hot water with pandan leaves. When water boils, put in hashima n red dates. Then a while later, add the rinsed n slightly soaked softened longans.
4. Double boil at medium heat for abt 1 hr. Intermittently check the pot level of water. Top up if necessary.
5. When almost ready, add some rock sugar.
6. Serve hot with some ginko nuts.