Home made mango pudding by Dong Ni Chen‎

2 mangoes
1 box of Holly farm mango pudding powder
Ayam brand trim coconut milk (first try, normally will put carnation milk)
containers for storage

First, cut the mango into cubes. After that, place them evenly into the containers for storage.
second, put 400ml of water to boil, pour the hollyfarm mango powder into the pot when u see little bubbles. use a ladle to stir till it completely dissolved. Simmer the fire if is going to overflow. turn high fire if powder not completely dissolved and keep stirring.
Upon powder completely dissolved, add 100ml of trim coconut milk, turn off fire after boiling.
use a strainer to pour the mixture equally into the containers with cubes mangoes.
after that use a dry spoon, lightly stir the mixture to enable the mango to 'float' up.
leave them for half an hr to cool down before placing them in the fridge.

You may also refer to the instructions on the hollyfarm mango pudding package.