Creamy Butter prawns with egg floss by Nora Leong

Using 1/2 kg prawns

- Wash prawns and pad dry with kitchen or papet towel
- mix with 1 beaten egg yolk
- sprinkle and mix with1/2 tbsp of plain flour
- heat up wok over med heat
- add in 2 tbsp oil
- pan fried prawns till they turned pinkish on both sides (u can deep fry with more oil)
- scooped and place over paper towel

- In a clean heated wok of med heat, add in 2 tbsp of butter
- after melt, add in curry leaves (that are pre washed and dried)
- fry until crispy
- add 3/4 rice bowl of full cream milk (or 1/2 rice bowl of evaporated milk with 1/2 rice bowl of water)
- add in salt and pepper
- simmer for about 3 mins
- add in prawns, stir and let simmer for about 5 mins
- sauce should reduced by now
- scoop onto serving plate

For the egg floss
- beat 3 egg yolks
- add 2 tbsp butter into a heated wok of med low heat (cannot use flat pan)
- once melted add in the beaten egg yolks
- keep stirring it in quick and circular motion with the back of a ladle
- after about 2 mins, you should see thin stripes forming
- keep stirring until they turned golden brown
- scoop and place on a strainer to drain the butter oil
- loosen them with a fork when drained
- sprinkle over prawns