Coconut Prawn Delight by Rachel Teo Ö‎

Big prawns
Okra / string beans
Asparagus (skinned and trimmed, cut into sections)
Farfalle pasta
Coconut cream
Chicken stock
Kafir leaves
Lemon grass
Tomatoes if you like

Cook pasta till al dente, cook sauce in the interim

Heat oil, briefly fry lemon grass, okra and asparagus, add prawn and kafir leaves to fry till prawns are near done, remove prawns from the skillet.

Add stock and coconut cream to desired consistency (I like mine thick yet runny), add prawns back into the skillet and turn off the fire. Let mixture sit for a while till pasta is ready.

Drain the pasta and add them into skillet of sauce with a spoonful or two of the pasta water, stir to coat pasta, then serve.