Chicken Curry Puff by Vanessa Tay

Ingredients for Chicken Curry Pie filling2 whole fresh chicken breast meats
1 packet A1 curry paste
4 red onions
3 large potatoes
Plenty of Curry Leaves
1tbsp Sugar * I used brown sugar

  1. Diced Onion
  2. Cut Chicken Breast Meat into small Cube
  3. Cut Potatoes into small cube
  4. Steam for 15 mins
  5. Heat up wok, add 3tbsp oil. Sautéed onion till fragrant
  6. Add in chicken breast meat and stir till almost cook
  7. Add in whole pack A1 curry paste and 1tbsp sugar. Mix well
  8. Add in curry leaves and mix well
  9. Last, add in steam potatoes. Stir and mix well w curry paste.
  10. Done. Set aside, let it cool. Once cool, can start wrapping

Can either make into Pie or Puff
I used PH Frozen Tart Shells top w Kawan Puff Pastry

Make into Puff
I used Frozen Puff Pastry.
Seal the side with a fork.