White radish cake by Tan Connie

375g of shredded radish (i cut it finely to get more radish bites texture)
350g rice flour
20g tapioca flour
1000ml water
Chinese sausages (diced small)
Dried shrimps (soaked n diced small)
2-3 garlics minced

White pepper
Fish sauce/salt
Chicken cube

1. Heat up the wok with some oil. Stir fry the minced garlics, dried shrimps then the chinese sausages.
2. Once fragrant, pour the shredded radish into wok and fry till combined.
3. Add the both sifted flours mixed with water mixture into wok. Add seasoning to taste with chicken cube.
4. Stir fry all till the mixture looks thickened.
5. Transfer to a lightly oil-greased 10" round tray(i usually used 2smaller 8" tray so as to keep one for another day consumption).
6. Steam at high heat for abt 35-40mins. Texture should look soft but firm.
7. Remove from steamer n cool before cutting.
8. Garnish with sesame seeds, spring onions, etc.

Serve and enjoy!