Steamed Radish Cake by Jeannie Lee

400gm Radish (shredded n squeeze out the water)
300gm Rice flour )
4 Rice bowl of water)
mixed rice flour with water together )
150gm roasted meat (chopped finely)
8pcs dried mushrooms (washed, soak n cut strip)
3 chinese sausages (cut small pcs)
1/2 rice bowls of dried shrimps (wash, soak n chopped)
10pcs small onions
1tbsp salt
Red chillies n spring onion for garnishing

Cut small onions and fry with some oil. Leave aside for garnishing. (shallots/oil)
Fry chinese sausages, leave aside.
Fry mushrooms n roasted pork then add in the Chinese sausages and mix well. Leave aside.
With the balance oil in the pan, fry dried shrimps till fragrant. Add in the mushrooms, chinese sausages n roasted pork and mix well.
Add in shredded radish, and one tbsp salt and mixed well.
Pour in the 4 rice bowls of water.
Mix all ingredients evenly.
Apply a thin layer of oil to the mould pan before you pour in the mixture.
Steam for 45 to 50mins on med heat.
Once cooked, let it settle for awhile for the top layer to dry up.
Garnish with Shallot, cut spring onion n chilli.