Homemade Chinese Spinach Tofu by Esther Khoo Chai Hoon

Soya milk ( sugarless) 1 litres
Eggs 8
Chinese spinach ( slice thinly) 100g
Pinch of salt
Cornflour 18g

1) place microwave safe wrapper on tray ( lay it
2) place slice Chinese spinach on tray ( see my
pic above)... And press it nicely
3) mix soya milk, eggs , salt and cornflour ... Stir till
All mix well
4) pour in tray slowly ( see my pic above)
5) steam for 15 mins
6) cool down ... Leave in fridge over night !!!

Cooking ingredient
All type mushroom
Ham 10g (optional)
Carrots ( any pattern u like)
Chop garlic

Gravy for tofu
Oyster sauce, chicken stock, sugar , pepper
Dark soya sauce , water ( mix all )

1) cut tofu into small square size
2) heat oil ... Deep fried tofu till golden brown...
Display on plate nicely
3) in wok , use abit oil stir fry garlic , follow by carrot
And all type mushroom , fry till fragrant
4) pour in gravy, boil then thicken it
5) pour all on top of tofu.... Done!!!