Durian Sticky Rice by Rontree Chan

Coconut sweet creamSimmer 100ml coconut juice with 2 TBsp water + 1 Tsp sugar + 1 pandan leaf. cook till sugar dissolved.

For 1 cup (ard 220ml) glutinous riceI washed and soaked in water overnite.
drain off excess water and steam with 2 pandan leaves for 10 mins, pour in 1/3 of the coconut sweet cream and stir to mix. let it steam for another 10mins.
after tat, pour in another 1/3 cream and stir. steam for 10mins again.
pour in rest of cream and stir. Cover with cling wrap or lid to keep it moist.

Salted coconut creamMix 100ml coconut cream with pinch of salt.

Durian puree
Use a hand blender to mix 1 Tbsp of coconut cream to durian pulp ( i used 1 box bought frm supermarket)
Use plastic glove to remove the durian pulp to prevent finger having the pungent duian smell.

Mango : just remove skin and cut.

Mung bean ( Tau Suan bean or Green bean w/o skin)
Soak in water for 2 hrs, drain dry and toast in a pan till crispy.

To serve: Scoop a portion of glutinous rice, pair it with mango or durian puree. drizzle some salted coconut cream to rice and topped with some toasted mung bean.