Chicken & Sardine Curry Puff by Tony Zhang

Curry puff - Ingredient

Water dough
500g flour
120g unsalted butter(optional)
water (normal tap water)
10g salt

Butter Dough
250g flour
90g unsalted butter
70g ghee


200g chicken breast cubes
300g potatoes cubes
20g curry paste
10 g salt


1) Stir-fry chopped onion with a little bit of oil in a wok till fragrant over medium heat.
2) Add the spice paste into the wok. Cook till it changes color and smells really, really great.
3) Add cubed chicken meat. Or beef. If you opt for vegetarian version, omit the whole thing.
4) Add some sugar and salt. Sugar will bring out the flavor. If you are using instant curry paste, check the packaging if any sugar / salt is needed.
5) Stir everything well for a couple of minutes before adding coconut milk.
6) Make sure to cook for a while till potatoes cubes well cook to soft.
7) Don’t worry when the filling looks a bit wet. It will dry out on standing while waiting for the pastry skin.


1can of sardine
1 big onion (small cubes)
25 chillie paddy (chop fine)
10g salt
20g fish curry paste(optional)

1) Remove bone from sardine and mesh sardine using a metal spoon. (Keep the sardine sauce in fridge, you will find out that it can be use for another special and popular dish later. Cover it nicely and place into fridge can last for 7days)

1) Stir-fry chopped onion with a little bit of oil in a wok till fragrant over medium heat.
2) Add the chopped chillie into the wok and stir fry it one minute.
3) Add sardine, stir fry and make sure all equally mixed.
4) Add some salt.
5) Stir everything well for a couple of minutes.
6) Pan out the cooked fillings into a plate, set aside for it to cool.

Combine flour and water in a mixer bowl.
Mix using paddle attachment for less than a minute, medium speed. If using hand, knead till all ingredients are nicely distributed. The dough will be on a very sticky side.

Sprinkle your hand generously with flour and form a ball. Place the dough on your kitchen counter and cover with clean wet kitchen towel. Let rest for 10 minutes.

Combine the second set of ingredients for butter dough in the same bowl.

Use paddle attachment to process it into crumbly dough. If you use your hand, crumble the butter and flour together. It will turn out oily and sticky.

Press the crumble together to form a ball. Flatten it and form into a square block.

On a floured surface, roll out water dough to a 30 x 30 cm square. Place the butter dough block in the middle.

Fold the sides of the dough to the middle of the smaller dough. Flip the packet.

Slowly roll the packet into a larger rectangle.

Fold the dough by taking both ends to the middle part.

Fold it into two so that the inside seam of the first folding is invisible. Turn the dough 90degree to the left. Leave for 10 minutes, covered.

Roll the dough out to a bigger rectangle.

Fold it three parts

Again, turn the dough 90 degree to the left. Cover and let rest for 10 more minutes.

If you wish, you can go back to the first step, folding the dough to four parts. Or just go to this part. Roll it out to bigger rectangle and thinner.

Use your pastry cutter to divide the rectangle into two, right in the middle. Roll each one tightly, but not too tight.

Now you will have two rolls of puff pastry.

Divide each roll into 10 blocks. About 20 g each block. Cover and let rest for 10 minutes.

Dip each block into flour and place the cut side up. Roll it out to thin circle. Not too thin, about 2mm thickness is suffice. Can you see the spiral? Do the same to the rest of the dough. Cover and let rest for 10 minutes.

Place a couple of spoonfuls of filling right in the middle of pastry skin.

Close the sides into small moon-shaped. Squeeze the sides together firmly.

Pleat the side nicely. I find that using mould is slower than bare hands.!

Heat some oil in a wok over low heat. Drop the puff into the warm oil.

As the temperature increased, the puff that was at the bottom of the wok will float up. It is important not to start frying with high heat since the skin in the middle part will cook far too quickly before the pleated part is.

Cook for 5 minutes each side. Remove from heat and drain on paper towel.