Nian Gao by Fion Ong

Glutinous rice flour 260g
Raw cane sugar 220g
Water 230g
Soaked banana leaves, clean and dry them.
Line the leaves on the aluminium bowl or ceramic bowl.
You can use any container with a base deep enough to place the mixture. Pour only 80% and not overflow

Put raw cane sugar into water and boil. Pour the mixture into glutinous rice flour and combine together. (Gotta beat the mixture together for a while).
Sieve the mixture and pour into the bowls lined with banana leaves, and steam for 1 hour.
Keep in the freezer overnight.
(Fyi I made 2 versions, 1 with banana leaves and 1 with pandan leaves.
So depends you like the traditional or new version
Nx day leave the niangao in room temp and prepare your spring roll wrappers.
Cut the niangao into small pieces and wrapped like wonton.
You may use egg wash or starch glue (corn starch + hot water) to stick the edges together.
Deep fry when the oil is hot.