Mussels in coconut broth by Fion Ong

Ingredient (a)
2 small packs of mussels, soaked, washed and scrubbed clean

Ingredient (b) cut
3 shallots
1.5 onions (if small can hv 2)
5 garlic cloves
5 lemongrass

Ingredient (c)
Coconut milk (400ml)
White wine (you can decide how much you want, I used approx 180 ml 😋)
2-3 dried bay leaves

Ingredient (d)
Chilli padi (optional)

Heat pot, add olive oil, add ingredient (b) garlic and onion and shallot, then add lemongrass. Stir fry till fragrant. Add (a) mussels. Cover with lid approx 5-8 mins.

Sprinkle some sugar, add (d) white wine, then coconut milk and bay leaves.

Can add 1-2 or more chilli padi if you like it spicy.

Cover lid and wait till the mussels open up.