Fish noodles by Michelle Heng

200g yellowtail (黄尾魚) fish meat
200ml water
2 tbsp egg white
1 tsp msg
1 tbsp salt
Salted water

1. Chop off the head of the fish and fillet the 2 sides. Use a spoon to scrap off fish meat from the bones then rest the fillet on the skin side and scrap the fish meat as well.
2. Blend the fish meat and water together to form a smooth paste. Its ready when the fish paste pressed between two fingers feels 'bouncy'.
3. Transfer the fish paste to a large metal baking pan, add egg white, msg and salt then mix well with hand.
4. After it is well combined, the paste will thickened. Then grab as much fish paste on the hand and throw hard onto the baking pan, repeat process no less than 50 times (the more the merrier, this act makes the fish paste more 'bouncy' ie 'QQ').
5. Put the fish paste into a piping bag or a pastic bag, cut off a small tip (depending on the size of noodles one wants to make, preferably the size of udon is good enough).
6. Pipe the fish paste just above the water level of a pot of salted water. Pipe slowly and continuously, try not to make short strands unless one wants to make fish paste bee tak bak. You can then break the long strand to your desired length just before cooking later.
7. Rest the pot of fish paste noodles in room temperature for 2 hours then store in fridge for another 2 hours or when ready to cook.
8. When ready to cook in your desired soup base, transfer the fish paste noodles gingerly into the pot, once the soup boils, its ready to be served.
9. Bon appetit!

1. Another fish to use is smooth wolf herring (西刀魚), buy smaller size fish preferably about 3 fishes for a kg combined.
2. Different fish used will yield different texture.
3. If buy ready fish paste from market/supermarket, can start at step 5 but be ready for different result (I have yet to try).
4. To cook the noodles within 2 days.