Baguette by Sirlina Lee

Bread flour 210g
Cake flour 70g
Yeast 2g
Water 240g
Salt 6g

1) Put all the flour + yeast + 2/3 of the water and mix in slow speed. After 2mins add the rest of water bit by bit using spoon. Abt 3mins or when the dough form then add the salt & knead for abt 10-15mins.

2) Fold it well & let it proof for 50mins. Bring it out & cut & divided into 2 ( abt 250g ) or 3 (abt 167g) each dough. Roll & fold in then let it rest for abt 15mins-20mins in the oven without power on.

3) Bring it out & mold in shapes. Let it proof for 50-60mins in the oven with a small oven proof container of hot water . DO NOT On the power.

4) Bring it out .Preheat the oven at 220*C

5) Score on the surface of the dough. Then spray water evenly on the dough & baking paper too.

6) Bake at 220*C for abt 25-30mins depending on your oven.

7) Bring it out from oven when it ready & let it coll down on the cooling rack.

*Step(1) can be replace by using the bread machine using pasta dough function , when cycle finished , OFF the power & let it proof in the machines for abt 50mins.