Salad You Tiao by Rita Choo

Recipe adapted from Seawaves Cuttlefish Paste (Rita's Vibrant Kitchen sprinkle sesame seeds on top & airfried the You Tiao)

Ingredients:- You Tiao (store-bought or homemade) (RVK used homemade mini You Tiao)
- Seawaves cuttlefish paste
- roasted sesame seeds

How to prepare: 1. Separate the You Tiao pairs. Snip open the You Tiao lengthwise, but do not completely cut open.
2. Stuff the You Tiao with cuttlefish paste and sprinkle with a lot of sesame seeds.
3. Spray some oil and airfry at 180C for 8-10 minutes (deep fry until golden brown if not airfrying).

Model of AF used: Philips HD9220 Viva Collection Air Fryer
Accessory used: Grill pan