Pineapple tarts jam (Using Breadmaker) by Shirley Soh‎

My breadmaker's brand is SKG. I grated 2 pineapples by hand (you can use a food processor too). Remove the excess juice in the pineapple pulp. I find that if there's too much liquids in the pulp, the sugars in the excess liquids will caramalise and it will spoil the whole batch (as in can't use as pineapple tart filling).

Measure the pulp (excess liquids removed, but not squeezed dry), 1 part pulp to 1 part sugar, ie. if you have 3 cups pineapple pulp, you need to add 3 cups sugar. Put both pineapple & sugar into the breadmaker & mix it up evenly before turning on the breadmaker.

Your breadmaker needs to have a function that stirs and bake at the same time. Mine has a stir-fry function so I set it to 4 hours, turned it on and the machine did the work. I checked it quite often though. I used a silicon spatula and stirred to check until the desired consistency is achieved. If your machine has a jam function, you can use that too but you will need quite a few cycles (my machine's default for jam cycle is only 1 hr 20 mins).

By the way, I left the lid of the breadmaker open throughout the process so that the moisture could evaporate. Hope this helps!