Hokkien Char Hae Mee (福建炒虾面) by Taitai Kim

Prepare Soup base
Fried prawn heads and shells (grams) 1/2 kg (own preference can add more or slightly lesser)

2 big raw garlic
1.5 litre water
Sheng siong half black pepper 40 粒 (semi ground)
Bring to boil (approx 25mins)

Filter soup and prawn heads put the soup aside

Prepare 2 Person servings ingredients:
1 packet /1 kg Thick white mee hoon

Half packet/500g Yellow noodles

1.5 -2 tablespoon chopped garlic

200grams pork belly (own preference) steam for 20min

2 eggs

150grams sotong (own preference)steam for 20min

100grams beansprout (own preference)

Some leek (fei cai)

Frying Process:
4 tablespoon cooking oil,fried garlic till bit light brown then add 2 eggs
Mix and stir fried the eggs into small pieces till frangrance

Put thick white mee hoon and yellow noodles fry for 1 min, after that add beansprout and fry for 1min

Add oyster sause and black sause and fry another 1-2 min

Add prawn soup est 500ml and fry for about 1min and cover it for further about 2 min for wet type and about 4 min for dry type

Add prawn and meat and fry for 1min and you are done

*fry in high heat through out the cooking