Indonesia Sambal Terasi by Anna Teo

Ratio of chilli: shallots: garlic = 8:4:2 or 4:2:1

8 fresh red chili ( deseed)
3 chili padi ( or more if you like
very spicy)
4 shallots
2 to 3 garlic
1 medium tomato
1 tbsp belachan ( toasted)/shrimp
paste, ( Bahasa Indonesia= Terasi)
6 tbsp of cooking oil
A pinch salt
1 tbsp of sugar ( or gula Melaka, it
taste may be varies, color too)
**** Get ready with the transparent
lid cover for the wok/sauce pan****

  1. Heat up the oil in wok/ non-stick sauce pan with medium fire.
  2. Fry chilies first till half cook (little browning) cover with lid to prevent your stove and kitchen from the splattering.
  3. Set aside w/o the oil.
  4. Continue with remaining oil in the same wok/ sauce pan, pour in the garlic & shallots, fry till half cook. Cover with lid. Set aside.
  5. Lastly, toast in the tomato, fry till half cook or you see the little browning on its skin. Set aside without the oil.
  6. Combine all ingredients, belachan together and pour into a blended and grind it to the texture you prefer. Some may want to work on pestle and mortar.
  7. Back to the wok or non-stick sauce pan and add sugar & salt to your own preference. Just stir well for 3 mins and don't over cook it. 
  8. Ready to serve, ideal with limes.