Crispy Roast Potato by Christine Tan

Put potatoes (peeled n cut chunks) in a pan of salted water to boil until nearly cooked..over a medium heat of 10-15mins.
Drain them and return to the pan.

Add flour..cover the lid and shake the pan
Add oil in a clean and dry roasting tin (i used my baking tin)
Pop the tin into the oven and heat up the oil until hot
Take the tin out and add the potatoes into the tin 1 by 1 (make sure u each side is coated with oil)
Sprinkle some sea salt and rosemary herbs if u like (i used dried parsley) onto them bake in the oven for another 30-40mins or until golden

Prep time is about 20mins
Preheat ur oven at 200deg and bake at 195deg