Thunder tea (Lei Cha) rice by Rontree Chan

Lei Cha Recipe :
Assorted stir fried vegetable:
~ long bean chopped fried with dried shrimp (soaked)
~ tau kua chopped in cube
~ cabbage (diced)
~ preserved turnips/chai poh (diced)
~ toasted peanut
~ Shu zai cai薯仔菜(diced)
~ leeks (diced)
~ Cai sim (diced)

Lei Cha soup base: (Agaration)
~ 1 cup basil leaves
~ 1/2 cup of mint leaves
~ 1 tsp of diced ku li sim ( 苦粒心)optional
~ some 番石榴嫩叶 guava baby leaves optional if cannot find
~ about 4 Tbsp of dried chinese tea leaves
~ 3 Tbsp of toasted sesame seed
~ about 40g toasted peanut
~ stir fry the top 4 types of leaves with a little oil till fragrant. Then add little water bring to pound or blend.
~ add in tea leave, peanut and sesame seed + water ( blend or pound together to paste).
~ serve with hot water to dilute.