Mini Abalones with Tang Hoon by Lily Tan

- 12 Mini abalones (in cans)
- 1/2 bundle Tang Hoon (glass vermicelli)
- Garlic (finely chopped)
- Spring onions (chopped)

Sauce ingredients:
- 2 tbsp Oyster Sauce, 1 tbsp soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar

1. Soak tang hoon in water till soft; boil water with a few drops of oil and blanch for a few minutes. Use scissors to snip into half if find tang hoon too long. {Tang hoon is blanched first as it needs longer cooking time than abalone, hence to ensure abalone is not over-cooked later on when steaming, tang hoon must be pre-cooked first.}

2. Combine the above sauce ingredients with hot water to make into a semi-thick sauce of about 2/3 cup, adjust amount to own taste preference.

3. Boil water to prepare for steaming.

4. Meanwhile, arrange abalones in small saucer for individual serving or in plate for sharing. Using chopsticks, twirl some tang hoon into circular shape about size of abalone. Sit abalone on top and sprinkle garlic and spring onions. Gently cover abalone and tang hoon with sauce using spoon to prevent toppling.

5. When water is boiled, quick steam for about 5 minutes or when abalones turn hot. Do not overcook abalones to maintain its "QQ" tenderness and juiciness.

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