Gula Melaka/Palm sugar Chiffon by Fc Ng

(Cooked/scalded dough method)

5nos Egg White
30g Castor sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

5nos Egg Yolk(lightly beaten)
125g Gula melaka/palm sugar(chopped)
45g Corn oil
85ml Coconut milk
2g Salt
117g Cake flour/superfine flour(sifted)

1 . Separate the eggs and put the egg whites in fridge for later use.
2. In another bowl, melt palm sugar, oil, salt & coconut milk over double boiler, do not boil, sieve the mixture into a clean bowl, mix in sifted flour, mix in yolks in 3 batches til incoporated, do not over mix.
3. Preheat oven to 150ºC top n bottom heat.
4. Remove the egg whites fr fridge and use electric mixer to whisk till little froth,add in cream of tartar, start adding sugar bit by bit, whisk till almost firm peak.
5. Add some meringue to yolk batter to loosen up, fold in remaining meringue in two batches,fold in quickly & lightly not to knock out too much air.
6. Pour the batter into 20-21cm chiffon tube pan, move the pan left & right to smooth out the batter. Knocked the pan few times on counter top and bake at 150ºc for 45-48min(lowest rack). Test with skewer for doneness.
7. Remove fr oven & invert the pan to cool completely bf unmolding.
8. Slice & keep in airtight container, best serve chill.

Ps: pls adjust oven temperature accordingly.
(Recipe shared by ms Samantha)