Tapioca Gula Melaka by Jensie Tan

500g tapioca
1 Liter water
80g sugar or brown sugar
4pandan leaves
80g gula Melaka

For coconut sauce

380g thick coconut milk (I use fresh )
90g water
1/2 tsp salt
11/2 tbs of rice flour (sifted)

1) peel the tipioca cut into chunks n soak in the water for 1hour , set aside

2) bring a donstick pan put I little water to boil , add in pandan leaves n tapioca to boil till it soft , look when the water almost dry it cook if no add in abit of water , about 20 min to 25 min

3) add in the sugar n gula Melaka , lower the fire use chopstick ,stirring till mixture become syrupy , set aside n allow to cool

4) combine ! all coconut sauce , rice flour , water , n stir n boil to boil , (pls noted must see very fast just boil off the fire )done

Put the tapioca on the plate n drizzle coconut sauce over the tapioca … Serve